Guus Broekman

Drivers: “Do what you wanna do” “Follow your feelings” “Everything or nothing” “Spread the love”

The crew about Guus: Tom: “It feels like bromance hangin with you, your radiate a sense of responsibility, maybe because you were the oldest back home” “With you, people can be truly themselves” Olivier: “When I got to know Guus for a longer time, I was always a bit worried, because he knew exactly in which state of mind I was”

Luuk van den Engel

Drivers: “Change is the beauty in the heart of all things” “If you want to move a mountain, you have to move the small rocks first”

The crew about Luuk: Tom: “Luuk can be extremely sharp, tell and convince his vision on a plan in 5 minutes” Olivier: “On the other side, he can be quit woozy sometimes, demonstrate a space launch with a bottle of ketchup” Guus: “Luuk is able to think the other way around and stays in undisturbedness his own kind”

Olivier van Warmerdam

Driver: “Hairs are the antennas of your soul”

The crew about Olivier: Guus: “Ollie is the initiator!” Luuk: “Olivier is a tower of strength and he somehow manages to pull people on it” Tom: “They say Germans make good diesel engines, but I think his parents did a better job” “When you get started, it’s like rampampampam and you won’t stop until your goal is realized”

Tom de Ruyter van Steveninck

Drivers: “Nobody got far by standing still” “Please be weird, that’s already quite normal”

The crew about Tom: Guus: “Tom worries about all kinds of problems in the world” “He is a real treehugger” Luuk: “Tom is the counterattack for serious matters” He fascinates people using interesting words and sentences”